12 Gift Ideas for Stock and Crypto Market Investors and Traders

Giving and receiving gifts have been an important part of our culture forever. Gifting allows appreciating your friends and family. However, deciding on a gift can be a challenging process with so many options out there. It can take a while to choose a gift that makes sense.

While you are thinking about what you must give to your loved ones, it will be worth it to explore gift ideas for crypto traders and investors. The stock and crypto ecosystem is bringing in new avenues each year.

There are multiple stock market and crypto gifting ideas that you can explore. From stock and crypto market inspired t-shirts to hats, hoodies, mugs, stickers and much more, the list is endless. You can explore a wide range of gift ideas for crypto traders and see which one suits your preferences the most.

In this blog, we will discuss 12 gift ideas for stock and crypto market investors and traders. You can find them mentioned below.

1. Stock Market and Crypto Merchandise


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You may think that this is one of the gift ideas for crypto traders that is very common but the truth is that it is still the most popular and widely chosen gift idea for crypto traders. Purchasing a stock or crypto theme hoodie, caps, mugs, or jewellery can perfectly go with the person’s interest in investment.

Moreover, there is a wide range of merchandise that you can possibly choose from. You can consider many different options and choose the one that suits your preferences the most. There are multiple e-commerce platforms that sell stock and crypto inspired gifts.

You have all the freedom to choose the best option according to the preferences of your loved ones while finalising a suitable option. Make sure that you take your time to find the best gifting option so that the gift stays as a memory in the mind of your loved one.


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2. Gift Cards

gift card stonksabove.com stock market gift idea for investor


Almost anyone who really understands the concept of money can offer their loved ones crypto and stock market merchandise gift cards. These cards count as one of the best gift ideas for crypto traders and also prove a little more sophisticated.

The receiver has the freedom to choose what they like the most. You can give a gift card in a quick and customizable way by getting in touch with an e-commerce business. Customise the card with all that you want and surprise the person with cool gifts.


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3. Non-fungible Tokens

nft gift idea for traders and investors


The non-fungible tokens or NFTs are pretty renowned crypto assets that have already set the stage for innovation in the virtual world. They are great digital assets that are centred on the concepts of virtual reality and emerging technologies including Blockchain. As one of the best gift ideas for crypto investors and traders, you can buy NFTs for sending to your loved ones. NFTs are great for generating passive income by using lending and borrowing facilities.

In case your loved one is interested in technologies then NFTs can be one of the best crypto assets. So you can go all out and buy them as a gift.



4. Hardware Wallet


Another one of the popular gift ideas for crypto traders is a hardware wallet. It is great for storing private keys that help someone have easy access to crypto offline. Since these wallets are not connected to the internet, they are often not affected by hackers who try to disrupt the networks because of viruses and malware.

It is significant to note that the hardware wallets can also be used to create extra steps when you are trading. This makes things difficult when they are connected to the internet. However, they are still a good way of storing crypto on their security features.


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5. Meme Merchandise

The meme Wojak is one of the popular internet memes and this is more so with gamers, traders, wallstreetbets member,.... Many people really like Wojak t-shirt, hoodie, mug,... as a gift.

If you are thinking of gifting someone who is into the Wojak and other memes. then its merchandise can be one of the best gift ideas for crypto traders and investors. You can browse from the many options on popular e-commerce portals and give your loved ones the merchandise that you like the best.



6. VPN Subscription

vpn gift idea for stock market traders and investors

You must already know that a good quality VPN is capable of adding a security layer against anything that is intercepting data or even stealing crypto. For this reason, experts always suggest that you use VPN so that it becomes easy to use the wifi for accessing sensitive or business-related data.

The role of VPNs is to disguise the IP address of a user when using the Internet along with lowering the risk of getting affected by the hacker. In case your loved one does not have one yet then you can consider paying for a VPN account so that the security increases.


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7. A Holiday

In addition to the crypto merchandise, one of the best gifts for someone who is interested in the stock market and crypto can be a holiday. One of the popular gift ideas for crypto traders and investors is booking tours and accommodations. They can relax from all the stress they have when being traders, gamers and investors.

This idea allows you to make special memories and connect it with cryptocurrencies, stocks,... that has been saved already over some time. You can also sponsor a holiday for a loved one and surprise them.

8. Charity

In case you have been looking to gift someone who is kind and giving then you can also donate in the name of your friend. We are all often told about the importance of giving back to the community. Although you may keep gifting to your friends, using charity as one of the gift ideas for stock traders can be one of the best things. You can make a purposeful donation via cryptocurrencies and make your loved ones happy.

9. Online Lessons on Stock Market and Crypto

Making investments is a crucial part of one’s life and what’s more, the stock market and crypto world is always changing. In this scenario, an important factor in becoming a success is choosing to build knowledge and ample experience.

One of the best gift ideas for stock market traders can be paying for online lessons on crypto and the stock market. There are so many courses available on the internet. You can browse through some of the options and choose the one that suits your interest the best.

10. Advanced trading (charting) software

In case your loved one is someone who looks at charts all day then it is possible that they could appreciate a subscription plan for advanced trading platform or charting software, that will allow them to trade faster and potentially more profitable.

One of the best charting softwares and also allows to execute trades is TRADINGVIEW.

There are so many traders who depend on knowledge as they like to grow. You can gift a technical trading subscription plan that is flexible and has multiple features for improving a trader’s experience as well.

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11. Books

If your loved one likes to read and is also interested in increasing their knowledge about crypto and stock market investments, then you can help them learn more by giving them books.


As another one of the best gift ideas for crypto traders and investors, books count as a perfect gift for people. They offer a large wealth of knowledge and they can be used for learning repeatedly.

12. Trading Journal

For someone who is into stock and crypto trading, maintaining a journal is an excellent idea. There are many benefits of keeping a trading journal and maintaining it as well.

Purchasing and maintaining a trading journal also helps in building great confidence and keeping risks at bay. It gives the investor a good place to write and keep a track of everything. Trading journals help in keeping it all organised and documenting the win.


Learning how to invest and watching your money grow can be pretty exciting. However, gifting and showing your appreciation for a loved one helps in creating memories and experiences.

The gift ideas mentioned above can be an amazing way to celebrate the investors and also encourage them as they show that you support their passion.