Who is is JPOW Stonks God and Money Machine operator?

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JPOW is short for current FED (Federal Reserve) chairman Jerome Powell, that likes to print money a lot but now, in the summer of 2022 he is saying to us, stonks (stocks) traders to f off! He is also know as the money printer guy.

He became popular amongst stock market traders, investors and fans, during the COVID-19 epidemy when stock market trading apps like Robinhood,  became popular. Back in 2019 and 2020, the money printer really went BRRRR, to save the economy (stonks) from collapsing. Jpow is still a living legend among Wallstreetbets Reddit group.


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FED is the most powerful but least understood institution in USA.



The Money Printer BRRR


FED is like a big big central bank that holds the money machine in its hands. Besides that, it also controls interest rate (price of money), issue bonds, prints even more money, buys stocks,...Picture it as the bank that is above the other banks. 


Money machine became very meme on the internet, for example this one is with wojaks pushing the money machine, printing money:


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Annual salary of FED Chariman Jerome Powell (JPOW) $203,500. Ufff not quit high as you thought right? I mean this guys decides whether stonks in your portfolio are going to go up or down. Money machine needs to be ON or stonks go down, like now in the summer of 2022. But Powell certainly doesn't need higher salary. He is one of the richest individuals to chair the Fed, with a net worth of between $20 million and $50 million, according to a financial disclosure. Powell has worked as an investment banker and at one of the world's top private equity firms, the Carlyle Group.

JPOW started working in the FED in 2012 as a Federel Reserve Board member. He took office as Chairmain in February 2018 under Donald Trump and he was sworn in for a second mandate on 23.5.2022. He was born in 1953, so he is almost 70 years old. He graduated from Princeton University.

JPOW has been married to his wife since 1985 and they have three children. He likes to call himself a cyclist and sometimes even rides his back to work at the FED. He is the first FED Chairman in 40 years who does not hold PHD in economics.

What is JPOW famous for?

Jerome Powell gor famous and popular during COVID-19 epidemy, when the economy looked very fragile in the USA. Stock market went down sharply in the beginning of 2020, SP 500 fell for almost 33% or 1100 points. Donald Trump was nervous and somebody needed to act. That was Jerome Powell with his massive money printer that went brrr. FED pumped trillions of $ into the markets and results were seen very soon. 

SP 500 went from 2300 in March 2020 to 4770 in December 2020. 107% gain in less than 10 months. Quit impressive. 

Individual stocks gained even more, TESLA MOTORS (TSLA)  gained almost 400% in the same period, APPLE (AAPL) almost 70% and AMAZON (AMZN) almost 90%. You can check this financial date HERE.

Those were the days.

Highest inflation in 40 years

How much has the FED pumped into the markets? According to this article, money supply in February 2020 was $15.5 trillion and it has increased to $21.6 trillion in February 2022. This figures show that the FED has helped increase the money supply by buying nearly $5 trillion in mortgage-backed securities and government securities.

Manny argue this has caused highest inflation in 40 years, in the USA. Inflation rate in May 2022 was 8.5%, highest since 1981.