How did the Wojak Meme Take Over the Internet?


The internet knows Wojak as the Feels guy. This character is a simple cartoon drawing of a bald man with a black outline and is depicted with a nostalgic expression. The origin of the Wojak drawing is not known so clearly but according to what people believe, it came into being in 2009 on an imageboard called Vichan.

The meme went on to grow in popularity on the internet and that is where the character started becoming associated with phrases called by Wojak including “I feel that, bro”, “I know that feel“, “that feel”, etc. Ever since the internet has seen the prominence of Wojak memes, there have been countless variants expressing different emotions.



History of Wojak Meme:

The Wojak meme is related to the image of being in one’s feelings. More often than not, his image was often accompanied by not having a girlfriend. The image came from the Polish imageboard Vichan where it was posted with a filename called “Ciepta Twarz.jpg”. The meme Wojak is described as a man who is in pain but dealing with it.

This image was promoted to other imageboards and one of the images where two Wojaks were hugging each other with the caption “I know that feel bro” gained great popularity. Wojak was also associated with a template phrase called “that feel '' or “that feel when” which was shortened to the slang''tfw ``.

Types of Wojak Memes:

1. NPC Memes

It was in October 2018 when a Wojak with a grey face, emotionless facial expression, sharp nose and blank face was dubbed “NPC Wojak.” This became a well known visual scene for everyone who could not think for themselves or make their own decisions while comparing them to non-player characters with computer automated characters in a video game.

NPC Wojak meme gained a great online presence by gaining media attention because of its usage in copying the mentality of the American liberals. The meme was used for liberals who opposed Trump and many Twitter accounts that posed as activists were suspended for spreading wrong information about the United States elections in 2018.

2. Coomer

The Coomer Wojak meme gained popularity in November 2019. This is a meme that shows Wojak with unkempt hair, red eyes and an untidy beard. It is known to understand someone with an addiction to porn.

The prominence of the Coomer meme is directed to the Coomer Pledge which is also a viral internet trend that was daring people to stop watching porn. The idea was that if people failed to take up the challenge then they would have to change their profile picture to an image of Coomer.

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3. Doomer

The doomer is another one of the Zoomer Wojak memes that gained relevance in the market. The Doomer shows Wojak smoking a cigarette while sitting in a beanie. It is a meme that is a sign of nihilism and sadness that comes with a belief that the end of the world is near.

A meme related to this kind of Wojak meme was also released. It was called the “Doomer girl” and was shown on the internet in January 2020. It also became common in online communities. 

The format was described as a quickly sketched woman with black hair, black clothes, and depressed eyes. This meme comes in image macros interacting with the original doomer character.

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4. Soyjak

Soyjak is a portmanteau of Soy and Wojak. This is a variation of Wojak that combines the Wojak style illustrations with so many features such as soy boy or nu male. It is used in online discourse and many other sites for mocking an opponent’s position by quoting them along with a Soyjak image.

Soyjak gained prominence on the site after spawning many edits and variants that were commonly mocking interests associated with soy boys including the use of sites such as 9gag, and Reddit.

The Soyjak meme has an open mouth and other than this variant, a Wojak edit with glasses and scraggly beard, it also became popular to trace real-life people to fit the soy fit stereotype.

Wallstreetbets Reddit and Memes:

Memes have the power to do a lot in the present world. They definitely do not make sense to a lot of people but they are a part of the system that is responsible for making cryptocurrency a lot more interesting. 

The Wallstreetbets is one of the most popular groups on Reddit where the participants discuss stock trading options with each other. Ever since the Wojak meme gained prominence in the stock market and crypto trading, it became popular in this group as well. Many traders share it regularly and engage with it on this platform.

Wojak Memes In Stock Market and Crypto Trading: 

In the present world, memes and crypto are interconnected in many ways. In case you are new to crypto then it is important to understand that the meaning behind memes and shitposting is a mystery. The people who are deeply in the crypto market also find it hard to understand and explain why or how characters such as Wojak are synonymous with the pain of being at the mercy of the market.

However, one thing is for sure and that is the fact that memes make everything lighter and fun in times of turmoil. This is the reason why even the gift ideas are in alignment with the memes. They make everything better even when the world is burning and the markets are dumping.

When it comes to crypto and the web at large, many memes come from the home of memetics before theft could finally come in mainstream culture. The forum and its message board have been important in producing content that is now very much like crypto trading. There is a Twitter account called /Biz/ that has been famous for “Buy high, sell low” while being famous for creating Pink Wojaks. 


Wojak is a pretty popular meme series that has created ripples on the internet at an international level. There are many people who carry Wojak t-shirts, caps, hoodies, mugs, and other souvenirs as a sign of their fondness for the Wojak character. 

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